Greenhouses since 1922


The Company Chiappori S.r.l. buids and sells greenhouses covered with plastic film and semi-rigid material. This kind of greenhouse is extremely adaptable, durable and provides a significant energy saving.

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Chiappori S.t.l. manufactures and sells metal frames in aluminum and steel  with standard glass windows or custom ones, according with law. It also provides engines, electrical systems, hail protection and internal insulation.

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To meet the needs of production of electricity through photovoltaic panels, we have developed a range of structures suitable for integration of photovoltaic modules in the coverage of the greenhouses.
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The Company

For more than 50 years, Chiappori S.r.l. specializes in the construction of greenhouses of all sizes and features. Serre Chiappori also provides hail protection systems, and sensors for shading greenhouses for agriculture.
Not only greenhouses: the company Chiappori builds sheds, garden, metal structures and supports for photovoltaic panels.
We supply greenhouses designed and manufactured according to UNI-EN 13031-1.
Garden centers, warehouses and special structures are sized according to DM 17:01:08 or rules in force in the foreign country of installation.

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