Greenhouses since 1922

Photovoltaic Systems


To meet the needs of electricity production through photovoltaic (PV)solar cells, we have developed a range of structures suitable for photovoltaic modules integration in greenhouses covering.
The base are our greenhouse structures, adjusted according to specific requirement .
Structures can have even span(two roof slopes of equal pitch and width for PV modules and covering glass) or uneven span for ensuring better inside lighting ,with two main roof styles(single gable or horizontal beam)

Dimensions are defined according to construction site needs, PV modules size , required angle of illumination and power production, in relationship to the cultivated crops .
We also produce ground mounting PV systems(racks and pole), beam or flat structures in single pitch, suitable for flat or sloping lands, as well as canopies , sheds , parking lots covering , and all kinds of metal structures with any kind of covering materials.
The supporting structures are dimensioned in accordance with local laws and building regulations, in relation to climate and seismic loads of the installation site: for greenhouses the reference standard is UNI-EN 13031-1 (climatic loads lower than those for civil construction), for different uses other than greenhouse, or facilities open to the public, the sizing is in compliance with specific local codes. Implementing these solutions, the structure adapts to the electrical system project, in order to optimize the yield.


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