photovoltaic system
7 July 2020


Photovoltaic greenhouses are normal structures adjusted according to specific requirements for photovoltaic modules installation, with the respect of two fundamental parameters:…

solar screen
7 July 2020

Solar screens

The wide range of solar screens, selected from the best companies, allow the creation of a climate inside the greenhouse…

Greenhouses renovation
30 April 2020

Greenhouses renovation

Chiappori SRL not only sells and builds products, but also offers new refurbishment service for: Greenhouses Gardens Warehouses and sale…

30 April 2020

Warehouse / Shed

The warehouse/shed is a protected structure useful for creating internal units such as offices, changing rooms and many other types of activities.

garden center
30 April 2020

Garden center

The Garden Center is a highly customizable structure built in compliance with the regulations on public premises.

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