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Chiappori s.r.l., founded in 1922, for three generations has specialized in the creation of greenhouses and protected environments adaptable to any agricultural and floral production.

Thanks to the engineering and carpentry capabilities acquired, Chiappori s.r.l. is able to supply greenhouses of any shape and size. From small greenhouses suitable for the spaces of your garden, to large greenhouses complete with any type of system.

Professional greenhouses custom built

Our greenhouses, are designed and dimensioned with the UNI-EN 13031-1 or in compliance with the standards in force in the country of installation, and completely custom-built to the customer: from the dimensions, not standardized, to the coverings, consisting of materials chosen according to the production needs of the greenhouse. In our workshop in Ceriale, in the province of Savona, we manufacture all the metal structures that will subsequently be assembled on site.

custom-built single-pitched roof greenhouse

Types of greenhouses

Here at Chiappori s.r.l. we mainly produce three types of different greenhouse structures: the horizontal beam greenhouse, the gable type greenhouse and the single pitched roof greenhouse. Differentiated by the beams positioning and the roof shapes, they are long lasting solid structures.

The horizontal beam greenhouse

This is a structure whose shape allows a more ventilated and cooler indoor climate and easier
control of enviromental parameters.

The gable type wide span greenhouse

The gable type greenhouse is a classic structure consisting of inclined beams that support a double-pitched roof.

The single-pitched roof greenhouse

This structure has a single inclined beam that supports a single-pitched roof, ideal in confined spaces.

Tunnel greenhouse

We offer a wide range of round arch shaped greenhouses, with different types of covering materials and manual or motorized ventilation openings (vents).

Shading structure

The shading structure is a light structure designed to protect plants from sunlight. It can have fixed or opening screens.

Garden center

The Garden Center is a highly customizable structure built in compliance with the regulations on public premises.

Warehouse / Shed

The warehouse/shed is a protected structure useful for creating internal units such as offices, changing rooms and many other types of activities.

Greenhouse coverings

One of the primary purposes of a greenhouse is the creation of an internal climate suitable for the needs of the production that it intends to activate. This is why we have different materials to offer adequate greenhouse covering.

Solar screens

The wide range of solar screens, selected from the best companies, allow the creation of a climate inside the greenhouse…


Photovoltaic greenhouses are normal structures adjusted according to specific requirements for photovoltaic modules installation, with the respect of two fundamental parameters:…

Greenhouse renovation

Chiappori s.r.l. not only deals with the sale and construction of its products, but also offers renovations and refurbishment services for greenhouses, gardens and warehouses, and the supply of materials to carry out all the necessary repairs.

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