Our greenhouses are designed and dimensioned with the UNI-EN 13031-1 or in compliance with the standards in force in the country of installation, and completely customer tailored. From the dimensions, to the coverings, consisting of materials chosen according to the production needs of the greenhouse.

In our workshop, located in Ceriale in the province of Savona, we manufacture all the metal structures that will subsequently be assembled on site:

  • Columns: generally IPE and/or H sections, designed according to the project and hot-dip galvanized.
  • Beams: trellis, hot-dip galvanized M shaped tension and compression chords with welded round rods web elements. Dimensioned according to project.
  • Bracing: side and roof bracing designed for the longitudinal stability of the greenhouse. Generally press brake cold-formed hot-dip galvanized steel sheets.
  • Gutters: press brake cold formed pre-painted/sendzimir/ hot-dip galvanized steel strips.
  • Glazing bars: aluminium made, with dreinage canals, sized according to the project in the workshop.
  • Snap on caps: black dutral or white PVC properly shaped extruded snap on caps fitting alluminium glazing bars, sized on project in the workshop.

The beating heart of Chiappori SRL is the production of three different types of structure:

  • the horizontal beam greenhouse
  • the gable type greenhouse
  • the single-pitched greenhouse

Differentiated by beams positioning and roof shape, they are long lasting solid structures.

Each of them is a valid product to protect any production from different climatic conditions and suitable for creating and controlling the desired internal environment.

Greenhouses renovation
30 April 2020

Greenhouses renovation

Chiappori SRL not only sells and builds products, but also offers new refurbishment service for: Greenhouses Gardens Warehouses and sale…

30 April 2020

Warehouse / Shed

The warehouse/shed is a protected structure useful for creating internal units such as offices, changing rooms and many other types of activities.

garden center
30 April 2020

Garden center

The Garden Center is a highly customizable structure built in compliance with the regulations on public premises.

Shading structure
30 April 2020

Shading structure

The shading structure is a light structure designed to protect plants from sunlight. It can have fixed or opening screens.

Tunnel greenhouse
30 April 2020

Tunnel greenhouse

We offer a wide range of round arch shaped greenhouses, with different types of covering materials and manual or motorized ventilation openings (vents).

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