Tunnel greenhouse

Chiappori S.r.l. offers a wide range of arched greenhouses, with covering and cladding in single film, double film and corrugated rigid plastic. These structures form the basis of the range and thanks to their modularity and multiple options, they can meet the needs of the customer who needs to contain the investment, without sacrificing quality.

Ventilation consists of continuous roll-up side openings (motorized or manual) and with motorized roof vents (single or double ridge vents, opening of a semi-arch, manual opening vent on the gutter). The standard range includes single or multiple modular structures with spans up to 12.80 meters, with the desired gutter height.

The structures supplied are designed and dimensioned in compliance with local laws and building regulations, in relation to climate and seismic loads of the installation place.

30 April 2020
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